Slowing down at 900 km/h – why I love flying so much

The suitcase is packed and because of my packing list I haven´t forgotten anything.
Off to the airport, the vacation is calling – let the journey begin!
So far, so stressful.
Once I have, however, put the first foot on the floor of the airport, all the stress of the preparations will be overshadowed by the joy of the upcoming trip immediately.
It´s not just the destination, but also the flight itself what is one of the most beautiful parts of a journey for me.
The security check is passed, the time until departure was spent in the Duty Free and soon the boarding begins. After I have survived the queue in the gangway, I take my (window) seat and the doors are closing – the take-off begins.

While some travellers feel awakened the fear of flying, the pulse shoots up and the fingers clench around the armrest, the exact opposite happens with me.
Once I travel with 15,000 meters per minute, I can fully relax mentally and spend the time with things I´m rarely taking time at home.

Example 1 – Watching a movie

Sure, even at home I take my time and watch a two-hour movie. However, as it is at least for me, sometimes I´m distracted by the ringing phone, the omnipresent smartphone or even
-very worst- the temptations of the bulging fridge.
Airborne there is neiter phone nor internet connection and the fridge isn´t in sight, as well.
Thus, I can pay attention to the movie distraction free and the time is passing by so fast. 🙂

Example 2 – Reading

Whether newspaper, magazine or book – let’s be honest, when are you taking your time for browsing undisturbed and without time pressure? Too rarely..!
Too often it´s more important to tidy up the apartment once again or to go „out“. And if you nevertheless take your time to read a book – the smartphone reports every few minutes.
relaxing? Not at all!
The perfect place for that instead –
the plane: No internet, no distractions – just relax.
Well, every now and then I watch the world around me through the small oval window – but I think that’s absolutely fine :-)

Example 3 – Listening to music

Similar to example 2, probably everyone likes to listen to music.
But just sit and listen, without doing anything else? Who´s doing that? At leas I don´t…
But you won´t believe
how relaxing it is to do nothing. Just relaxing and listening to your favourite music – so wonderful! 🙂

Even flight times for 6 hours and more as to Dubai, Muscat or Salalah, can be spend very well without Whatsapp, Facebook and co.

Especialley during the most long-haul flights drinks and hot meas are served at least twice, the inflight sale is rolling through the seatrows and the airline magazine attracts with exciting reports.
Sometimes I’m so engrossed in movies and magazines during the flight that I wished the flight not to end too soon …

However, I want to mention that there are many people who suffer from extreme fear of flying.
These people can´t hardly be conviced from the positive aspects of flying and
even the obvious arguments are useless – their fear of a crash, burning engines or any turbulences unfortunately overshadow the prospect of a good time in other countries.

You suffer from fear of flying?
I want to encourage you to think about a nice vacation at the beach, a stay in a great city or the unbeatable views of the world from above.

„The biggest attraction in the world is the world. Check it out!“
(Kurt Tucholsky)

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