Mallorca, 23.05. – 04.06.2014

The German summer is already in its starting blocks, but I can´t wait any longer. So I searched for suitable destinations for a relaxing holiday. I have categorically excluded the supposed party island Mallorca. But why?
Well, the image of the island is not the best. Housewife island, rude party tourists and drunken people at the beach …
On the other hand, I heared about wonderful beaches, celebrity villas owners and millions of satisfied tourists.
Not least because of the unbeatable priceperformance ratio, it didn´t need much time until the holiday was booked. So I could convince myself  about the island – and it was a positive surprise in every way!


  • Plan your journey in the off-season – relaxation pure!
  • Visit the capital Palma de Mallorca – surprisingly nice!
  • Relax at the beach in Es Trenc – pure Caribbean feeling!
  • Discover the stalactite cave near Porto Cristo – unforgettable!
  • Relax at one of the countless beautiful bays – fantastic!


The flight and was operated by Air Berlin in an Airbus A321.
Coming from the
 south of France Palma was reached after two hours of flight.


The reason for this trip was relaxation. So I decided for the Hotel Cala Marsal in Porto Colom – the quiet southeastern side of the island.
The hotel definitely is the most modern in the city and the location is simply unbeatable! The room was spacious and bright, the mattresses brand new!


The booked lateral sea view held what was promised.
The garden-area of the hotel includes, in addition to a tennis court and a bar for drinks and snacks, two separate pools, one of it is divided into three different basins.
On the right you can see the bay of Cala Marsal



… that is just wonderful. Fine sand, gently shelving and crystal clear water.
Every perspective of the bay is just great!


The pool area is quite impressive as well.
Both the pool itself and the lying areas were very clean and so it was quiet easy to switch off from the stress of everyday life. Quiet music in the background let the holiday feeling become perfect. If you don´t want the music, just change to the other pool.SDC17352

The buffets were varied and different kind of fresh fruits have always been available.


After a few day of relaxing beach life, I booked a rental car for two days. The first day began at the beautiful market in Felanitx, which takes place every Sunday.


Besides the obligatory vegetable and jewelry dealers, various leather goods and animals have been offeredNext to the local church the time passed by quickly and it´s definitely worth a visit.


The tour went southwards. And no, not a snow storm has caused the white mountains in the background, but the salt flats of Es Trenc.
The local shop offers various high-quality salts and you can book a guided tour through the salt flats.


Further to the south, you reach the beautiful beach of Es Trenc.
Fine and white sand, gently sloping beach, deep blue water and bright sunshine.
You should know, where I´ve spent the rest of the day 😉


The second day with the car rental was spent at the island’s capital Palma de Mallorca.
You can definitely spend a whole day here. The first impression was surprisingly nice and that was often proofed through the whole day.


The landmark of Palma, the Cathedral La Seu, acts impressively from all sides.
Besides different shops, you can find many beautiful places that invite you to linger.
I can absolutely recommend a walk along the harbor and the beautiful Parc de la Mar.


Full of prejudice I went to the infamous beach of El Arenal.
I was very surprised as I saw such a nice and well maintained beach. The closer I came to the Ballermann 6„, the more party tourists have celebrated at the beach, but it wasn´t particularly disturbing. Maybe it was because of the time I was here, but at least then, it´s possible to spend some nice hours at El Arenal!


One day later, the city of Porto Cristo was visited by bus.
At the local harbor promenade you will find many souvenir shops offering  all kind of items for little money.
But the main reason for the half day trip was…


the stalactite cave Coves del Drac.
I have never seen one from the inside, so for me it was very impressive to see all the stalactites and stalagmites. As I´ve reached the heart of the cave, all tourists have taken place on the wooden benches. Then it started: One of the largest underground lakes in the world began to illuminate while boats a sailing over and classic songs were played live. Pure goose bumps and for me one of the Mallorca highlights!


It was not easy, but after 13 great days on the varied Balearic island it was to say goodbye.
I have to admit, I definitely underestimated this beautiful islandThe stereotype as a „party island“ is just located at a certain part of the beach in El Arenal. Besides that, Mallorca offers many beautiful towns in the inland and great beaches. But honestly, I haven´t seen any bay which would have been more beautiful as Cala Marsal directly next to the hotel. Finally, I can definitely recommend to visit Mallorca.
On my next trip I will take a look at the north-western par of the island.
I´ll keep you posted, of course.

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