Fuerteventura, 27.04. – 11.05.2013
After Barcelona has already been visited in March, now it was time to relax for two weeks.
The weather in the Canary Islands is always great, so both the flights and the hotel were booked soon.
I decided for the small town of Caleta de Fuste and the resident Sheraton Hotel sounded promising. Well, off to Fuerteventura!

  • Decide for the Sheraton Beach, Golf & Spa Resort – such an excellent hotel!
  • Visit the Aloe Vera farm in Betancuria – that´s what Fuerteventura is famous for!
  • Make a day-trip to El Cotillo and eat fish there – it will be a fantastic day!
  • Visit the dunes in Corralejo and the city – very beautiful!
  • Just relax on the beach and switch off from the stresses of everyday life – priceless!


After a delay of 45 minutes, the holiday began in Terminal 1 at Munich Airport.
The flight was operated by Air Berlin Airbus A321.



During the 4,5 hour flight I was hungry and ordered one of the Sansibar foods. The Indian chicken curry is not cheap (€ 10.90), but very delicious and a great alternative to the well-known airline sandwiches.


During approach, I could see a beautiful bay.
At this time I had no idea that the hotel in the left foreground was the booked Sheraton Resort.



The room was absolutely great  very spacious, bright and absolutely clean.
The huge bathroom was divided into a toilet and a bath/shower area.
It was perfectly cleaned and I liked noble ambience.




The first view from the balcony was absolutely fantastic!
The garden area includes three pools, a small children’s pooltwo restaurants and a watercourse, that begins in a water fountain. The entire area was very clean, detailed designed and even the Resort´s cat could relax perfectly. Can you find her? 😉


The breakfast and dinner buffet was absolutely fantastic!
At breakfast you can get an individual omelet prepared by a chef 


… or you can start in the day with a glass of cooled champagne.




For dinner I had the hard choice between regional specialties, fresh seafood and countless sweet temptations. Everything was high-quality and unbelievable tasty!


The pool area was beautiful, as well: One of the two heated pools has integrated whirlpool chairs and the deepernon-heated pool offers refreshment and was highly suitable for swimming.


With that view it wasn´t difficult to relax completely!


A recommended excursion is the local Oceanarium Explorer directly on the marina of Caleta de Fuste. It can be reached with a 20 minutes walk and offers, next to different sea animals, a „meet & great“ with sea lionsA great experience that I don´t want to miss.


I took a rental car for one day and the first target was the city of Corralejo.
Generally it is a popular for its tourists. However, there are also quieter areas like the city-beach.


Coming from the south, you should also do a stop in the dunes of Corralejo.
made ​​the mistake and ran in the dunes barefoot – please don´t do it! It´s pretty hot, even on cloudy days!


It´s very interesting to visit one of the most famous Aloe Vera  plantations in the Canary Islands in Betancuria. This is, what Fuerteventura is famous for. The stuff is very friendly and they tell lots of interesting facts about this healing plant.


My next stop was the beautiful small town El Cotillo in the north-western part of the island.
Next to an old defense tower, the Castillo de Roque, in a sheltered cove you can find …


… the restaurant El Roque De Los Pescadores – one of the best fish restaurants on the island.
I have already visited many fish restaurants. But the offered dishes let this visit become one of my highlights of the whole holiday!
I can deeply recommend every visitor to taste the delicious homemade chocolate cake.
I promise – you´ll never forget it!


In a beautiful journey time always passes too fast and after two great weeks I had to go back to Germany.
The hotel convinced me with its warm-hearted hospitality, the location directly at the sea and the high-quality culinary delights.
I´m looking forward to my next Fuerteventura-trip and I would always chose the same hotel.

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