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Singapore Airlines SQ 948 / Singapore – Denpasar (Bali)
Singapore Airlines SQ 939 / Denpasar – Singapore (Bali)

Travelling in Asia can be very cheap. So I had the choice between several low-cost carriers and well-known Airlines for my flights from Singapore to Bali.

Before I started my trip, I searched for these flights and finally I decided for Singapore Airlines.
The reasons were obvious for me – perfect flight times, a long-distance jet (which I knew from trips to Oman and to Dubai) and a top price-performance ratio. Moreover, as I have published in my article about the flying, I have a better feeling to fly with an established Airline.

Singapore – Denpasar

The 2,5 – hour flight from Singapore to Denpasar was operated by Singapore Airlines in an Airbus A330.
This type has a 2-4-2 seating and the leg clearance was really good in Economy Class.
Like on my previous flights to Muscat in Oman or on the return flight from Dubai I had enough space and there is nothing negative to report.

The board service was very friendly and the flight attendants simply look great in the traditional robes!

The entertainment was great, as well – too many movies, series and games that I could have tried on a 2,5 – hour flight.

A delicious Asian fish dish with vegetables was served during the flight – very tasty!
Drinks were offerd several times.

The flight itself was very quiet and without any turbulences.

Denpasar – Singapore

The 2,5 – hour return flight, like the outward flight, was carried out by Singapore Airlines in an Airbus A330.

Both the food, the board service, the entertainment and the flight itself were very good and quiet – exactly like the outward flight.